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Remodelling Your Kitchen? Hire a Skip!

By 21 February 2022October 20th, 2022No Comments

Remodeling Your Kitchen? Hire a Skip!

Kitchen Renovation

So it’s finally time to get round to remodeling your kitchen. This can be a very daunting task, no matter the size of the kitchen. Here at Reliable Skip Hire Birmingham, we know that by hiring a skip it takes such a load off as you don’t need to worry about getting rid of and transporting waste. We want to show you all the benefits that can be had if you hire a skip when undergoing a kitchen renovation. 

Why Hire a Skip? 

Due to being big projects, kitchen renovations generate large amounts of waste that are not easily taken down to the tip all by yourself. Here are a few items of waste that are easily gotten rid of in a skip.

  • Wood – All the cupboards in your kitchen are more than likely made out of wood. Meaning that when it comes to ripping them all out all you’ll have is an abundance of bulky wood waste. Hiring one of our skips means that you can take all those shelves, cupboards, skirting boards, and more and just put them in the skip that will be sitting conveniently on your drive. Once your gorgeous kitchen makeover is complete then we will come and collect all of it at once without you ever having to worry. 
  • Metal – This is another material that you find a lot of in your kitchen. You can be throwing out metal pipes or even just a whole sink and taps. No matter what the metal is, it’s always bulky and needs to go and that’s why one of our skips is the best way to do it! Our skips happily welcome all types of metal so let us do all the work for you. 
  • Stone – Some kitchens have granite or marble worktops which are both different types of stone. If these are being replaced then you need to prepare that you will produce large amounts rubble. Our larger skips can hold 50% rubble which is perfect for any kitchen renovation.

Please do remember that we need to keep everyone safe so any kitchen appliances or accessories can’t be placed into one of the skips. They pose too much of a risk to yourself and our skip operators’ health that we have to restrict them. For more information on this please head over to our Waste Restrictions page or our Terms of Business page.

Reliable Skip Hire Birmingham 

Come book with us today! You can head over to our price list to find our cheap skip prices in your area. You can book everything online in just a few minutes. We recycle all materials listed above as much as we can and some parts that can be we dispose of responsibly in the proper manner. Find your perfect skip size and book today for it to arrive tomorrow!

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