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50 Tonnes Of Waste On Fire In Tyseley

By 26 September 2022August 15th, 2023No Comments

Huge Fire Starts As 50 Tonnes Of Waste Catch Alight In Tyseley

West Midlands Fire Service ordered 8 different crews to a fire in Redfern Road, Tyseley from 6 am on Monday 2nd May.

A fire started in a recycling centre in Birmingham, it’s estimated that there were over 50 tonnes of rubbish first caught in the blaze.

The first call to 999 was made around 6 am where 5 fire engines were sent, and 3 further crews joined later on.

Fire crews were worried about the possible 300 tonnes of waste at the site that could potentially get caught in the fire.

All crews used water from the Grand Union canal to extinguish the flames. There is an investigation underway regarding the cause of the huge fire. There were multiple agencies at the scene, it was also reported that HGV’s were requested to move by the fire service.

All local residents were told to close doors and windows to avoid smoke inhalation and possible toxins.

The fire ultimately was extinguished and all local residents and pedestrians were safe. Huge thanks to our fire and police services.

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