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Some Great Tips on Skip Safety

By 18 February 2022October 20th, 2022No Comments

Some Great Tips on Skip Safety

Tips on Skip Safety

Before you take advantage of all our great services here at Reliable Skip Hire Birmingham, we want you to stay safe! We thought that we should put together just a few things you should do that will keep you safe when hiring your skip. Some of these may be common sense but it’s better to rejig your memory of all the safety tips than forget and increase the risk of injury. 

3 Top Safety Tips

  • Do your research – You’d be surprised how many people are unprepared for when their skip arrives. We don’t mean that when we turn up you should have manuscripts and notes of research, but just to know the procedure a little more in-depth than some others. Some research to start with is how to have your delivery location prepared for when the skip needs to arrive. For example, you need a flat surface where the skip will sit flat and not wobble. At very list make sure there are no cars in the way if it’s going to be placed on the drive. Just doing this little bit of research will decrease so much potential risk. 
  • Delivery – We’ve touched on the subject of having a clear space for the skip to be placed but there are some other quite commonsensical tips for the skip after it’s been placed. These include don’t try and move the skip yourself. This will just end badly and there is no point in taking the risk. Also, don’t paint or put fire in the skip. Not only will you face a large fine, but it is also very unsafe. 
  • Hazardous Waste – Not placing any hazardous items of waste in your skip is a good way to keep everyone safe. Most of the items seen on our waste restrictions page can be very hazardous to someone’s health, so by not placing it in the skip, you’re saving someone from being put in harm’s way. If these are placed in your skip it can result in hefty fines of sometimes 50% – 100% of the skip’s hire price. So avoid yourself the hassle and keep safe around skips by following all the Terms of Business and checking out the waste restrictions page to see which items are hazardous.

Choose Reliable Skip Hire Birmingham 

By making sure everyone is kept safe, skips become very useful tools is helping to manage your waste. You’ll love our skips because not only do we supply an impressive range of skip sizes, we also have the most efficient delivery and collection system. We can have your skip delivered to you within 24 hours of purchase. Yet, remember to still have the delivery spot clean and flat ready for arrival. 

You can get started booking your skip immediately if you want to. All it takes is 3 easy steps that start with entering your postcode, then choosing your skip, and lastly paying for it. All of this can be done online without ever having to make a phone call. So what are you waiting for? Find the cheapest skips in Birmingham and book today.

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