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Fly-Tipping Pile Causing Issues In Aston, Birmingham

By 27 February 2023No Comments

7-ft high fly-tipping pile in Birmingham causing chaos for residents.

Concerns for the safety and living conditions on a street in Birmingham have been raised by residents after fly-tippers have used the road for waste disposal. This has been an ongoing problem since 2021 and has left the mountain of waste infested with rats.

Locals of Deykin Avenue, in Aston, have reportedly sighted fly-tippers adding to the pile of waste over the last 2 years. It has been described as containing mattresses, parts of vehicles, fridges, sofas, beds, and a variety of other general waste.

This problem has caused the street to be widely known as ‘Deykin Avenue Grot Spot’ and stopped parents from allowing their children to play outside. Residents have recently been worrying about it causing fires or explosions leaving them to fear for their safety. Along with this, they are unable to access their properties from the rear entrances due to the pile of waste and the mass of rats inhabiting the mountain of waste.

One of the homeowners, a grandfather of three, has stated that he has cleared waste previously to no avail. Unfortunately, it just reappears with the help of fly-tippers. He is unable to park at the back of his home now and also claims that the council hasn’t bothered to clear the waste or fix the issue.

Some other residents provided statements including:

‘It’s not safe. There are gas canisters in there and if they went up then it could be really bad as the houses are so close.’

‘It’s a massive health hazard, there are lots of families along this street and we’ve got rats running around. It’s just grim.’

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